Feb. 10th, 2010


Feb. 10th, 2010 12:47 am
blueimber: (Default)
 i found a doodle today amoung my papers;
something hurtful which happened in a moment's breath-
the image of my heart breaking
and it's all my theme so far this year;
i am beginning to think i should burn everything i have done so far
and create a blank slate
a clear palette.

must everything always be so sad,
so little?

i've been ticking off the memories of the things i once felt
my heart so swelled up over the potential of a thing
and having walked so many roads
seen now where those potentials have failed or deflated;
how time and truth finds us weary,
older and a little more worn
still afraid to speak passionately 
trading small talk over whispers of coffee,
speaking emptily while the vitality escapes
until we drift away again into the dark black harbors of our thoughts
to listlessly float
in the endless night.

i recall the things which have slipped through my fingers
the maybes and what-ifs;
some of them, i can still taste the sweet tinge of hope
like a dream not held,
a dream fleet of foot upon waking;
instead of those dreams which hem upon reality
and splinter into terrible shards
when they leave you
raw and exposed


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