Aug. 10th, 2010

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to say Luck has not charmed my life
would be a damnation against the Lady;
but the bitter joke
the utter rub
is generally at her
merciless heel;
to say;
unlucky would be at best-
even when things seemed
really she
was only turning a trick.

But tonight
i tempted fate for the third time;
i asked;
i gambled
and then i simply had faith
and the third request
was neatfully dealt
some fluff thing
skillfully got;
the flick of the wrist
the grace of the joystick-
how precious the moment
when raises the claw.

And in my heart
i thought that they should not not be a part
of my life
my friend in ernest
won me two-

and with his permission
gave the little pink bird
to a child of perhaps a year
blonde in a little pink dress
sitting with her grandmother
while her mother worked the kitchen
eating blueberry pancakes
with syrup and jam
all over her face;
and i remember i;
peanut butter and jelly head
with my fingers askew
making faces from the beginning
always wanting
to see a little smile...

i approached the table
which had been behind ours while we were eating
where she had only just noticed us behind her
as we were rising to pay the bill.
we played a game of waving
of copying one another;
i played her peek-a-boo
and she asked me to raise my hands together-
she smiled at us all and coo'd;
so when it was that
fate had it we won both toys
wanting to pay it forward
i showed her the little pink bird
and she changed from crying into
sheer joy
as we left the restaurant.

and the joy of it also is
is that i have won
the little pink lucky seahorse
which i had wanted to win
to gift to my dear friend Crystal
to bring her some cheers!


i just thought the story was cute
and wanted to share.

To my Darling Friend;
i am spreading joy in the name
of bringing you joy
to help bring more joy in general to the world;
in pink!!!
I cannot wait to see you
much Love;
Miss Emily!!!

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