Nov. 26th, 2010

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i am fortunate in my life that i have so much to be thankful for;
that i have good friends to surround myself with
strong family ties that i can turn to when i need them
and the ability to constantly find inspirational things around me
and hold each one in the weighty measure it requires.

i cried 
several times;
some from movies
some from family thankful speeches
some from laughter 
and some now
in solitude
reflecting this day and
upon my life.

although i do not speak of it much any longer-
each day i rise is a testament to the human spirit;
that nothing can truly dampen it nor deter it
and that
there is nothing that cannot be overcome
if you set your mind upon it.
i know i talk of grace and silence;
of being easily brought to happiness by the details
and also of the howl within my heart-
but i don't know that 
anyone will ever truly get 
about me-

i am thankful everyday for my whole skin
for my body both for her soft flaws and her own kind of beauty-
i am thankful that i know i am the only one it matters to if it is seen at all.
i am thankful for each breath i draw; every blink and sniffle
every tiny sensation; from pain to pleasure-
and every emotion; from calm waters to perfect storms.
i am thankful to feel
i am thankful to know i have loved
and that in some ways, and at some times
i am loved
i am thankful for the guidance given to me by those who feel they know a thing or two
regardless of whether or not i take it, regardless of whether or not i want to
usually when someone gives it; they are trying to spare you pain or
somehow otherwise see you find a happiness

i am thankful constantly
to a flaw
for all of the universe
down to the smallest of empty spaces within atoms.
Truly, everything
is in its way
a miracle.

in comparison to things which hold such steadfast permanence;
our lives are so short
our time so limited before we are called back
and we waste so much of it on the inconsequential
or the meaningless-
pursuit of material things
pursuit of self gratifying activities
pursuit of some crazy ideal that someone once told us was 'perfect.'

try to constantly remain stopped;
for every rose-
try to introduce the idea of savory
to each aspect of life
to never assume
and most especially
never take for granted.
i am especially grateful
that these life philosophies 
also have not resulted with being
committed (as in, crazy!)
nor that the bottom of everything has fallen out.
i am grateful that
some of my foundations
are well shored
and that
so long as one of them can still stand
so shall i.

And i am thankful to know;
realize and acknowledge
that i will always have
to depend upon for that.

i am thankful that the world still exists to explore
and that there are millions of places i have never been
but are just waiting-
i am thankful for each chance i have had in my life
to get out into that world
and for the amazing things
i have seen;
and the people i have seen them with.

i will be thankful for the few hours of sleep i get tonight
and with that
i thank you for reading.

Peace and Love;

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