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By the end of 20-09 legislation had passed making it legal to grow in well over half the states in the nation and in the early adoption states like California and Vermont, there were even subsidies granted to start small communal farms that were overseen by medical specialists and organic wingnuts. A small but significant percentage of the metropolitan work forces disbanded from the disillusionment of their 9 to 5ers for the honest work of planting and tending to the crops, around the country there was a renewed interest in farming and local community.

It was shortly after these small farms started taking root that still others appeared alongside; one of the benefits of growing the herb was that what you couldn't process for medicine; you could process into fiber goods; paper, cloth, containers, oils for cooking and for topical use- there was almost no waste too; composting ensured that each plant was 100% efficient. But the fiber products were best complemented by other fiber products; so sheep farms and hemp farms and waterfowl farms began appearing as well; and they all networked and worked together to create entire towns that were moderately self sufficient.

And of course it did well; for the one crop alone there was great demand; and that demand fueled the economic stimulation of the things that these 'hippies' wanted; peaceable times and the freedoms to not be bound by the obligations that society placed upon its people. These little communes of farmers and their new found wealth went right back into other communal farms and products and eventually the large agro-business succumbed- freeing up their lands to local families to farm upon and ending one of the most detrimental fallacies that was ever allowed to become something that the nation so heavily relied upon. It wasn't long before you couldn't even find a chicken or piece of meat that came from a genetically altered animal or an animal that had been hopped up on antibiotics. Plants that couldn't regenerate unless they were pollinated by a specifically engineered partner plant became a thing of the past. Lawsuits started by seed companies against farmers whose crops could be shown to have been pollinated by their copyrighted seeds were dropped-- people went back to the natural way of things; allowing the lady to take her course as she would.

And since there became no longer any fear of people harshing the mellow; crime rates dropped- and because it was allowed to be used medicinally across the country, suicide rates dropped. The number of violent attacks dropped, the number of people on antidepressants dropped, the number of people addicted to painkillers dropped an the mental health of the nation was scaled up to people who were happier and who were more satisfied with their lives.

And thus one little plant, freed of the bindings of hundreds of years of negative marketing because of all of its wondrous properties; became the miracle that saved our nation in its darkest hour. And its once 'unofficial' holiday became a national community day where people all came out to celebrate spring and the renewal of the earth; healed by her best natural medicine.

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