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The fall began
this morning
a tumble into the bramble of disheveled undonment
like a girl who was a pile of string
like so many stories woven having a center no more.

annular, it began
cresting at contact I and II
third and maximum as newling cries reached us
from the windowsill
a life deserving to survive.

balanced hanging there for
just one moment
and i put my wish upon my lips
praying that
the message would
be heard

and tonight
sounds the call that brings in
a new year

in search of a vegan chocolate cupcake in NYC today
i realize that
there is so much more out there to be known

this is just an interlude in my quest
i am off again in milliseconds
about a mile and a half
i believe my quarry lay

i've stopped to get
some round challahs from Zaro's
the maven bread makers of teh Grand Central Terminal
and was romanced into
a chocolate babka too--
Oren's Roast grabbed me with
a little bit of peruvian coffee
and pescatore seafood sold me on their
ahi tuna salad
and one fresh gefilte--
which has me sooo tempted to spend
more money than i ought
splurg and bring home for the holiday

There is no mention in news reports of
the Annular Eclipse over French Guiana last night
blessed with a wonderful friend
i stayed up until just past six
to see it make a ring of the sun
before the moon slipped away on its tour
of the atlantic

New Moon, New Year, Annular Eclipse and
new kittens
born outside a basement apartment
in Queens.
the Mom abandoned the runt
for warmth, company and to belong
breaking my heart
testing my faith--
I want to call him
the Hebrew word for "eclipse"
but i am having trouble finding it
but i believe i can.

And now to run
as tasks are calling

more later--

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